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Manufacturers representatives and direct importers of fine European craft and miniatures products.


Martin Meyers Imports, Over fifty years of history!

The story of Myers Imports stretches back more than half a century. As a young man, Martin Myers immigrated to the United States from Germany following World War II. He opened a small-scale imports business in Chicago and soon came to specialize in German and other European-made goods.

At a time when US foreign opinion of was less than favorable and access to Eastern Europe was not easily granted, these goods were largely unavailable beyond the local regions where they were made. As a German national, he had an insider’s advantage to establishing business relationships with the families and small shops that produced these goods. Martin traveled from town-to-town buying wares from his vendors -- many of whom were hidden in the far-reaches of the old country.

For more than 70 years, Martin Myers Imports has maintained these long-held associations and has remained the exclusive US importer of its product lines. Long known for items unrivaled in quality and charm, Martin Myers’ products vary from hand-crafted vintage glass glitter to highly detailed miniatures. As Martin Myers Imports West, we will continue this legacy by providing the same line of products from the very same vendors Martin himself has bought from for years. From glass glitter to retro items from the 50s Martin Myers Imports West is proud to bring this exclusive line of European imports into the 21st century while still honoring the old traditions established by years of loyal business.

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