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November 24, 2010


Anne B.

Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway! This glitter looks magical!


What a great idea and very generous of you. I hope I win!


My word, glass that's got to be a jolly embellishmnet for all that glittery Christmasness that we are all craving !! Love to try all the colours on my Christmas cards old boy !!


Love your glitter, hope I win!

Mike Barbour

What a nice thing! Nice to know there's some good will floating around ;-)

Tracey Roe

I will be glittering if I win!!

Hanni Borgens

Wow, what a give away, I like glass glitter and especially german glass glitter, from my own country, it doesn't get better than that. I do hope I win, if not well maybe next time.
Thank you!

kristin m.

what an awesome treat this will be for who ever wins! i need to get my glitter on!
kristinmik at gmail dot com


Oooooh, what a wonderful ang generous give-a-way!
I promise to give the glistening glass glitter a good home !! Ü
Happy Thanksgiving,
Barb in Texas


I love all things sparkley and German Glitter is the best! I even have a pin I wear that states" Yes, I know I have glitter on my face".

Jayne Whittles

I have used the German glass glitter for years and there is nothing better! Thank you!!!!

Joy B

I'd love to win this sampling of your beautiful german glass glitter! Thanks for the chance to do so!

Kim Reding

Hey there, Just have to say that REAL glass glitter is the BEST glitter embellishment for crafts, and nothing else compares! Don't waste your time with synthetic stuff, it simply doesn't have the same shine. I can't think of anything clever to say except that with this stuff, you can make the most amazing things!!! Truly a touch of something very special in a bottle...Glitter on!!! ;)


I have had a blast--glittering and adorning the many little items I ordered over the summer--love the different colored glitters!!


love it love it love it!
This glitter is the absolute best!
Everyone needs some sparkle in their life!


This would be fantastic to use in my upcoming projects. Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway


I just wish I had a pair of glasses like that - sure we could be twins then! Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers Claire x

Candy@The Little Round Table

I'm waiting for my order to arrive momentarily and I already want more!

This giveaway would certainly do the trick! I need some GLITTER in my life. :-)

I'm having a GIVEAWAY too!

The Little Round Table


LOL That picture is classic. (And of course I want to win.)


WOW! What an awesome giveaway!!

Mary B. Giemza

OMGoodness! How very cool -- I've been dying to try your glitter forever! Pick me, pick me!! :) Thanks for the opportunity.

Peggy Ledinski

What a great way to inspire me to use a different product. I think they would make a great addition to some Christmas cards or even a special Birthday card.

Debbie Lofgren

The colors are gorgeous!
Love using glass glitter...Thank you for offering this give away!


I have never tried German glass glitter, it looks so beautiful, and this is a perfect sampler size! It would be nice to compare it to regular glitters. I am a big believer in all that sparkles, it is like adding a little bit of magic in whatever you create. Thank you for offering the give away!


Soooo pretty, and the bottles are pretty too!


Your glitter looks so pretty..i found your shop on Etsy and fell in love with your mushrooms. I am looking forward to visiting again!!


Of course I want to win some of the german glass glitter !

I bought in the past 4 colors : silver, blue , green and pink and they look terrific.

They are so much glitter that my cat wanted to play with the bottle... glass and glass glitter all over the floor...:(
Luckily I could save some !

If would be great to win some more colors and see how they will look on projects !

greetings from belgium


Would love to try your glitter.

Lisa Whittemore

I want some free stuff! LOL I love the glitter and would love to win some. Thanks for the chance.

Alicia B. Cunningham

OooH! Ooooh! Oooooooh!
Me! Me! Me!

Marie L

Wunderschoen,Glas Glitter aus Deutschland. I love it. I always wanted to try it and if I could win, I am sure I will be hooked. If not, I just will have to finally buy it... :). Danke schoen for the chance to win.

Kerry Leslie

Mmmmmmm......shiney......I love shiny......
Keeping my fingers crossed someone picks me!


Hey, give me some glitter, I love this stuff!!! and have a Happy Thanksgiving too!!! :o)

Val Valor

We all need a little glitter in our lives and I am one person who would love some of your wonderful glitter - Val

Teri Calia

yay! a giveaway! it's always a pleasure to use your wonderful glass glitter :)


wow what a generous thing to do,thanks for the chance to win this glitter
lalkygirl x

Anne F

Thank you for giving us a chance to win this lovely blog candy.



Wow, this glitter looks fantastic! Thanks so much for the chance of winning, I would love to give it a try.


Julie Ethier

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I hope it's me!
Pick me, pick me. I love glitter. I am making a glitter kissing ball ornament for my Artful Whimsy group ornament exchange. Julz


What Holiday Spirit!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Love it!


I could use a little first class sparkle in my life! Twinkle! Twinkle!


I love your blog! I found it after I purchased one of your mushroom kits off of Ebay. I have not been able to get any of your beautiful glitter yet, but I do adore the look of it.

I love the 'WoW' factor it has. And I am a bling kind of girl. I figure that with enough bling, people are so blinded, they aren't looking at me.:)

I will pass this on via twitter!


I'd love to win some of your super shiny glitterness. It would make my world all together more sparkly and that would make me happy. Very happy indeed!


a sparkley suprise lurvely!!!

Loreal Blondi

So generous offer! Ofcource I want a chance :) (..or two...)


I LOVE everything glittery. However my son does draw the line at glitter in his mashed potato!!!!
hugs Sarah x

Andrea C

ooo very intersting looking glitter have never heard of it until now, will defo spread the word wouldn't want you to be a billy no mates cos that would be terrible then you would have to join my gang ;p

Martha Prothro

Bling and shimmer are what we're all about at our house. So many little girls, so little time to sparkle up the whole world! We love your glitter and we love your giving spirit!

Joan Cutts

I am looking forward to seeing the glitter I have ordered and yes I do love free stuss.
hope I am lucky.

Joan Cutts


This glitter looks so gorgeous, keeping my fingers crossed, thanks for the giveaway! xxx

Andrew Thornton

I don't think you have to worry about no one coming to your party. Looks like this is going to be the main event!

Lillian Child

I love a good sparkle! Thanks so much for this fantastic giveaway! May my fairy godmother sprinkle a little sparkly fairy dust on me for luck!


These little bottles are so cute never mind the contents, send them to me!!!


LOL! Love that picture of the lady...and the yummy glittery goodness! I'd love to have some of that fabulous shiny loveliness of my own! Thanks for the chance to win. :)


ooooooohhhhhhhh I love a chance at free stuff lol...thanks for the chance to try these lush glitters
Mina xxx


Pick me, pick me!!! :) THanks!

Maria S

I love glitter, i neeeeed some of yours to try for free pleeeease! xx


I have to admit I don't own your glitter yet. In fact, I only this night read about it on a blog. I'd love to give it a try though so thank you VERY much for the chance to win!



Love your glitter...!!! The best of the best~

Sue W

I think this free glitter needs a holiday, some sunshine for Christmas.......send it down to me in Sydney...........PLEASE! I'll spread the word.......

Sandra (craftynan)

I would lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
to win your glitter, then I could be like the christmas fairy ALL SPARKLY.
Sandra (craftynan)

Deb Heinritz

Sparkle and twitter (oops, I mean glitter). These glitters would look so nice appearing on my Christmas cards, I hope they will come for a visit!

Deb H.

Denise Mitchell

The glass glitter is so cool, I would love some to do some neat projects with. Please pick me.... Please

Niki Estes

Beautiful colors! I'd love the chance to try your glitter!


Free stuff? Yes, please! I've never tried German Glass Glitter before , Thank you for the chance! Hugs from Italy. Miria

Jacqui P

wow I really wanted to try this glitter!! thanks for the chance to win!!
Jacqui P x


Oh love love it, it will look fantastic on all the cards.
Hgs Linda


9 bottles of beer on the wall ... oooo no, I mean 9 bottles of glitter sent to me .... make it happen *big smile*.

Good luck picking one us!!!
Hugs Yolanda

Mandy Sybrowsky

Once upon a time my husband banned glitter from the house. (Apparently he didn't like showing up for work with glitter in his hair.) Well, I've been patient, but that ban has lasted 10 years, and now that I have my own craft room, this year glitter is making a come back. I'm declaring an all-out glitter Christmas this year! This collection would be the perfect touch for the 10+ glitter projects I've got in the works! Thanks for the chance to win. Just think, if you pick me you'll be single-handedly ending a 10-year glitter ban!


My husband is German so I'm sure to like German glass glitter!!!
Thanks for the chance to own some.
Andrea xx


Your glitter already makes my Patron Saints of the Donkeys glow! What fun it would be to get other colors to try out. The mules and donkeys thank you for the best glitter in the world! Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm - HEEHAW!

Ronda Liebert

I love your glitter - cause I'm a glitterbug! Please let me win. :)

Lista Shattuck

Ohhhhh, gorgeous glass glitter. Sure hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

Crafty Kitten

I've never used Glass Glitter before so to win this would be a fantastic way to start. Thanks for the chance.


Oh pick me, pick me! such a fantastic prize! My fingers are crossed, no matter what. I've even done a post on my blog.
Thank you for your generosity.
Hugs xx

Gini Cagle

Oh my gosh! That is beautiful glitter - I would love to get to play with some of it!

Julia D.

What a wonderful give away! I've seen this glitter on Bev's website and it looks amazing so it would be wonderful to get a sampler pack. Thanks for the chance to win!



We can always use more fairy dust around my house. It's on our cat, in my husband's pockets and in the washer and dryer. But it's never enough. Love the fairy dust.


Hi x I rely on "Free" stuff to help with my charity crafting, however this doesnt stop me giving x I have candy tooo!!! x Leigh x


Well i have not tried this super sparkly glass....but i do go to Bev's post's everytime she uses it just to stare and drool over that super's like diamonds in the sky.
Thank you for the chance to enter it is very much appreciated....
Hugs Alison
P.S The German Market is here in the UK,Leeds city centre....i wonderrrrrrrrrr...could i possibly find these stunning little jewels in a bottle there????

Linda Cereghino

The glitter just like 'Grandma used to have'!!

Grandma's girl...Linda


Please, please, please! I placed my first order last week and cannot wait until it gets here. I think this exactly what I'm looking for. The other stuff isn't glittery enough. Thank you.

Paula .

If I win ... will I have this face??? Then I have to think if it is good for me :D Thank for this chance!! I linked on my sidebar

Kim Dellow

Gorgeous Giveaway! I would love to have a go at your products, I always see them glittering away in those cute ickle bottles and think to myself - "Ooo Yummy, me wanna try" LOL! Thanks for the try at them!

Teri Arana

Glitter lottery ... gotta love it! Thank you for this great give-away chance!!!!


What a favulous giveaway. I would love to win this prize. I will put a post on my blog.

Sue Smith

I just love working with your glitter - it's so sparkly! A girl can never have enough glitter :)

Michele Truex

Gotta love glitter and

Charmn Goldie

I love glitter giveaways. I never win anything though.

relinde scheepers

i love the glitter!!
hope i have a change!

greetings Re;inde

Linda Blackmore

I love your stuff. I have a big box full of all kinds of minis from you I can pull from when my granddaughter needs to do a school project. Thanks for having such good stuff.

Dana Gustafson

Dear Santa (and John)
I have been a very good crafter this year (mostly) and I am wishing for a red bicycle, a new dolly, a pony, a puppy.....oh heck! all I really want in my stocking is GERMAN GLASS GLITTER! :)
Happy holidays!
Sincerely, Dana


Really need some Glitter Bling!
The Red Shed

I hope you all have a glitteriffic Thanksgiving! Great giveaway idea! :D

Cindy McCoy

Five years ago as my second child left home to set out on his own life's journey, I began a new one with a dog which I rescued and named "Magic". As I started thinking of what I could creatively do with my spare time when I retire in the next few years, I started cardmaking and have been blessed with a group of new friends. I certainly would have more "Magic " in my life if I added your marvelous glitter to my cards. Waiting for your email!! :)


Imagine how a beautiful scraprelated give-away can generate soooo many comments!!

So I'll just let you know that I'm here and in for the competition about the glittery stuff!!!

La Vikinga / charlotta


glitter glitter everywhere but not a drop to drink, please let me annoy my husband by spreading glitter through a male dominated household x


[email protected]


i totally want to win this! I love glitter!


Holy many entries! I hope you'll pick me because I have never tried German Glass Glitter and would love to give it a try.


You could make my holiday weekend. You really could.

And I could make sparkled cookies. I really could.

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