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November 24, 2010



After making glittery holiday cards, and having glitter all over the house, I thought I'd never want to use it again. But I hadn't yet discovered your website and the beautiful glitter colors in cute little bottles. I'd love, love, love to win this!


I love glitter!!!! I want glitter!!Please let me win glitter!!!


I'm Italian, my name is Anna.Very nice this blog and amazing giveaway!I'm a follower.I haven't a blog, but I would like to partecipate.
Bye, kisses.

Jenna Fowler

the world would be better if everything was covered in glitter.. then we would all shine a little brighter. :DD


I love the colors of the glitter - and the miniatures. They remind me of my childhood, and of holidays.

Melissa of craftgasm

I've never used glass glitter and would love to! Pick me, pick me!

Jennifer Ursini


Brenda Woodside

Oooooh! Spah-kly! I will put this blog giveaway thingy on my FB to let others know about it.


PPM!! please pick me! I must have that gorgeous glitter glass & yes I've posted on my blog so someone else gets (not much of a ) chance too LOL

I am so glad I found your site and then to find a give a way that made my day... I would love to win, I haven't tried it yet but it looks fabulous...

Bonnie Hanson

My motto is "if it's free, it's me!". Thank you for the chance to win!!


I promise to share my glitter with my friends and we will have a glitter and decorating party!! Yah!


Diane Whitehouse

Wow! What a great giveaway and I've been looking for this stuff everywhere! Yesterday was my birthday and it would be so great to win - thank you for the chance!
Diane x

Petronella Sabol

The word is spreading, I'll enter for a chance to win and then look around your site a bit!

Susan Hogan

I love your graphic! I laughed so much I almost had an accident! I remember when women looked like this!!!! However, I would also love to win this glitter - so please include me.

Ageeth Holster

Hi there I saw your photo somewhere on a blog and clicked it on. Now I became a follower of your blog because its very nice!! Offcourse I like your glittercandy as well so I´ll cross my fingers for it. I love glitter.
Have a very nice day and see you soon on blog! from a froozen Dordrecht, Holland, love Ageeth


The world must be carpeted in shiny GLITTER!

kriste kuhns

just jumping in to say that this is the BEST glitter and I"m glad to see it getting some love ;)

Pollie Parker

I LOVE glitter!!!! I am a glitter addict, please help me feed my habit!


Am i allowed to repost? I hope so! It would be so awesome to win this! it would!

Anne Kapinus

I LOVVVVVVVVVE glitter! Especially yours, and I'd love to win some!

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