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November 24, 2010



Oh My - so many comments.... My fingers are crossed that you pick me :)


I would totally adore to have this set of glitter...thanks

Sharron / Sharrahug

Gorgeous glitter! Thanks a bunch! Sure hope I win!




Thank you for the chance to win This glitter looks magical!

Amanda Becker

I ask you, what is more adorable than glittered mushrooms? My vintage wooden salt and pepper mushrooms are CRYING OUT for glittery caps. Here's hoping I win!


OOo how pretty is that glitter... Would come in handy for all those Christmas cards and tags I still haven't made - Think so far my total is 2 Christmas cards :o( and I have a HUGE family!

Off to add this to my blog :o)

Kimmi xx


I love all things shiny and I love miniature gorgeous glitter in mini bottles, well, that would make me a happy stamper!!
Thank you for the chance to win such yummies.


Never seen German Glass Glitter in the flesh (so to speak) saw the link on Bevs blog and her cards using it are great so am really wanting to try it out


I don't think I have seen this anywhere in Canada. It would be great to win it and give it a try. Just think of the cards I could make...
Thanks for the chance to win!
Joyce xx


Ooohh not seen this before, looks fun to use, thanks for the chance to win some.
Hugs Kaylou xoxo


Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing prize

Gay Denesse

Hooray! It's glitter season!

Jen Monteiro

I do hope that I'm THE lucky one who gets picked he he A brilliant idea and thanks for your generosity :) Jen x

Jill Crossfield

Helloooooooo... can you see me jumping up and down here in the comment section? Me, me, me, please!!! I would love to win some of your gorgeous glitter- I drool over your site regularly and can think up endless projects to use that blingy goodness on! Thanks for the chance- I'm going to tell my friends now...

Debra B

Thank you so much for the chance to win! I am posting your giveaway on my FB!

Lynne in NI

Ohhh I'm a glitter junkie ... what a fab giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

Michele Kaplan

Wow, would I LOVE to win this!!!!!! Pick me, Pick me!!!

Hester v. Heemstra

I have waited too long to try making stuff with your glitter maybe the free give-away will get me started!


Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for giving us all a chance to win this awesome glitter bottle set! ~Diane


Woo-hoo! Free glitter? What could be better than that!
Sign me up please!!!


Dawn E. Nguyen

Love it! I love your Ebay $1.00 shipping specials too....thanks for the give-away :)

Jennie D.

Thanks for the chance to win some glitter. I think we should glitterize the world. :)


Jacki R

Pick Me! Pick Me! I need some glitter to make me shine!!

Seriously, Fantastic Party Candy! Never tried, but it must be pretty darn good everyone is saying so!!


Please include me in your drawing because I need the glass glitter the most!


Hehehaheha!!! Glitter!!!! Among my scrappy friends I am known as the Glitter Queen. I am so happy to find you, your Shiney Royal Highness! Now I don't feel so much like I am preaching to the wind. IMHO every LO or card or whatever isn't finished without a touch of glitter somewhere. And the more the merrier!!! BUT I don't have any German glass glitter. There is no where close by to buy it. :o(
Thank you for sharing your treasures and Happy Thanksgiving!!! :o)

Lynn Stevens

ohhhh I could use a little sparkle in my life!!! What girl dosen't Love the bling, I know I do!!!
O.k were all ready to party!

minpinsloveme at msn dot com


OOOOOOOOOO, I love German glass glitter nothing sparkles like it, very nice of you to do this give away.

Tammie The Unusual Farm Chick

came over after reading my...oh wait. LOOK. shiney! umm what was I going to say....oh forget. The glitter glass has me all kinds of distracted. lOvE it!!


what a sparkly magical treat!
ya gotta love some glitz!


Oooh, seeing all those sparkly colors in one place just makes me happy. Thanks for the chance to win!

Liza M

Pretty pretty!


WOOO-HOOOO!!!! I love glass glitter. It sparkles. Sparkly things make me happy. Just say'n! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

Diane in Manchester, England

It's my birthday on 1st December so this would make a brilliant present - for me!!
It looks gorgeous and glittery LOL!!


I would love to win this - what a great giveaway!

Marie Patterson

dashing thru the glitter, in a one horse glittered sleigh, over fields of glitter, laughing all the way,
glittered bells, glittered bells, glitter rules the day!!!!

Oh what fun this girl could have with an open jar of glitterrrrrrr!!!

LOL!!! Hope I can be lucky and win this generous glitter give away!

Suzanne C.

I've emailed my craft group! If I won, I would share so we would all be able to try German Glass glitter! Thank you for a chance to win your generous giveaway!


I would love to have all that German glitter to play with~!

Joan Minervini

I love using your Glass Glitter on my Prim designs! Thank you for this great offer.Please enter me in your drawing.
Joan Minervini
Vintage Keepsake Trunk


If it sparkles I love it, and I know this does! It's a fabulous glitter.

Eileen Velez

Absolutely gorgeous - I would love, love, love to win!!!

melissa mcclintock

ohhh i am so excited i hope i win lol ty


Wow what a great give a way!!!11



wow... i never try yours and hope i'll be able to do so.. thanks

Sallie M. Hunter


Beth R

WOW!! what beautiful eye candy , sure would love to win!!!!

I LOVE your German glass glitter. It is even more beautiful than the photos show. I would love to win this and glitter even MORE stuff.

Lori Rudolph

I'm a glitter hoarder... and would love to win! Please pick me :)


Charlene Austin

Oooohhh...sign me up for this party! Great giveaway....thanks for the chance! I always enjoy seeing your posts pop up in my Google Reader.

Patty Chapman

This is such a lovely prize, and by the number of comments I am not the only one who thinks so. I just found your 'sparkle' and have become a follower!


I've never used glass glitter, but I think it would be just the thing to use on a permanent wall project I have in mind!

Laurel Parker

Oooooooh! Joy to the World, it's a daisy chain of happiness!

Scientists have studied joy and determined that the greatest source of it is doing things for others. So, you get your joy by sending me this lovely gift, and I spread your joy by making itty bitty glittery boxes for many happy people, who all joyfully put treasures in the boxes for other people. Your joy is thereby spread from corner to corner, all around the world.

Lucky you, to have so much joy. Lucky me, to get to help, thereby scoring some joy for me too. Lucky everyone. Joy to the world.

Kathy K

First time I've seen your glass glitter, but I'm just starting to try making vintage style ornaments and I would love to win the set.

Ursula Uphof

Never had any before, and hope whenI win you will post to South Africa LOL!!. The colours look really lovely.


Oooh, how fun! I just placed my first order for some of your glittery goodness last week, and I can't wait for it to arrive! I would LOVE to win this one so I can play with more colors!! Pick Me! Pick Me!


I'd love to win! Fairy dust is a precious commodity and such yummy colors, too!
Thanks for the chance!

Sandra ltb

looks like a lot of fun!

Christine aka blankiefinder

What a fantastic prize! Love the glass glitter! Hope you pick me :)


I still have Christmas cards to make and this would make them so beautiful, really!! Pick me please!!!


I would looooove to win some free glitter because you can't be sad when you're covered in GLITTER! :)

Robin Burgeson

This is the first time I've ever seen your glitter and it looks absolutely beautiful. I usually don't win anything, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that this could be an exception.

Linda C.

My life needs me!


This stuff is gorgeous. I have several colours and it just adds a wonderful finishing touch to any artwork. Thank you for the opportunity

Paola Levi

OHHH I would love to get my paws on this great blog give away, nothing like a bit of the BLING!!
Sparkly smiles

Lois Venarchick

Yes, I would love the free glitter to give it a try. I have been meaning to get it into my shop but just have not gotten around tuit !


Ive seen a card using German Glass Glitter...It was beautiful... I'm hoping you pick me, however, if you don't... Congrats to whoever wins!

Ladybug 458

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this awesome combination of colors... I sometimes have to drive a blind lady to appointments and I try to explain what a color looks like with descriptive adjectives that she would connect with that color... I have always been a "color person"... Happy Thanksgiveing


omg this is literally dazzling. These German Glass glitters are so so pretty! Thanks for the chance :)

Message Keeper

Great write up you have there and I like it! Please share some glitters to Malaysia crafter.

Evelyn @ Message Keeper

Debbie Z

I've never heard of glass glitter until now. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

Sally Turlington

Oh, I hope the glitter fairy brings me this brilliant little set.


A party and a give away ... woo hoo!! Count me in! :-)

Tamara Morton

Have never tried this glitter before it looks brilliant. Would so love to be the winner


Rene Stansell

All that glitters is gold...give it to me...I want some glass glitter...I need some glass glitter or I can't go on.
Rene from OZ xo


WOW, great give away. Would love to try it. Thank you for this chance


Fabulous giveaway! I love your German Glass Glitter and am running low on what I have to hand. Time to either order some more or better still win some! Goodie Goodie! Finger's crossed!!


Would love the chance to try some of your glitter for the 1st time.


wow so kind! would love to win!

Lynn Speight

Hope I win this superb glittery stuff. It is the best out there they say...

Lena Kristensen

What lovely colours! Thanks for a chance to win. :-)

jacquie duncan

thanks for the chance of winning this it looks fab jacquie


I would love to try them once! Awesome give away!


Ooh what lovely glitter and in such lovely bottles too. If I don't win them I will sit in the corner and sulk!


I would love to win this glitter. I have heard that it is great and would like to try it my self.

This looks like some really yummy candy! Thanks! Carol M in Texas/

Ola Jaggers

What a wonderful & generous giveaway.... a Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I've seen glass glitter & have been wanting to try it (it's on my Christmas list to Santa) I just haven't had the extra money yet to buy for myself... so I would love to win this!

Thank you so much for the chance to win!!!

Debbie Johns

Wow I would love to win this beautiful glitter, never tried this.Thanks for the chance to win.Debbie Johns x

Lou Thompson

What do you call a chicken in a shell suit?
An egg!!
Well, you did ask for a funny comment!!
Wish me luck- I love this product & I don't have these colours!


Well, although the chance to win is a lot more remote I hope the number of entries makes you super-happy. Thanks for the opportunity to win your product though! Hx

Julye Bott

Hiya, love finding new blogs, I came via Bev at all the things I love blog, love sparkliy stuff so thanks for the chance to win.


Thank you for sharing and giving us a chance to win this lovely prize of glass glitter. I follow Bev's craft blog and have seen for myself how beautifully the light refects and shines from it. The sparkle is like the twinkling of a thousand stars on a moonlit night and the colours are so rich and amazing. I would love have some of those beautiful little bottles displayed in my craft room.

Bev Leeson

WOW. What a wonderful gift to Giveaway. I have never seen such Beautiful Glitter in all my life..
Would LOVE to win some.
Kind Regards,


OH MY....that glitter looks like candy sprinkles....YUMMY. Pick Me....Pick Me. I have fingers and toes crossed.

Oh!! Sparkly sparkly. This glitter looks super duper scrummy would love to win and give it a go.



WOW! This stuff looks like gold dust! Tks for the chance to win.


Have not tried these yet, but heard so much good about these sparkly goodies that I definitely absolutely have to test some day soon! I'd love to be the lucky winner!


Thanks indeed for the chance to win your great Glitter - I really love glitter and glimmer...!!!


I won't be bitter
If I don't win the glitter
They say you don't miss
What you've never had
But I'd love a chance to try it
If I lose, I will buy it
Either way, I'll be happy and craft like mad!!

Amanda R

An extra piece of pie for the glitter give away man! Thanks so much and happy holidays!


Thanks for the opportunity - please throw my name in. Have never tried Glass Glitter (certainly isn't anything our local store would carry), but would love to try it.

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