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November 24, 2010



I've never used this product, so what better way to try it than to win it. That's what I call a win-win situation.

Kathy Logan

Free is just the best price....

thanks for offering this selection.

Kathy L.......


This glitter looks beautiful. Would love to win.


Those glitters are beautiful! As a crafting beginner they would be a welcome addition to my growing collection of craft items

Carmelita Edwards

Thank goodness you sent me an email... I had you confused with Doris Dotz and was wondering why I couldn't find the glitter and was getting very disappointed. I thought it had been discontinued :O( Am now ready to attempt projects with the glitter glass, have your online catalog printed but busy with Thanksgiving at the moment to order. It wouldn't hurt if I won the little set of bottles :O) Regardless if I don't win, I will be back for sure to place an order. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Denise Trottier

Sure, send me some free stuff, I mean who doesn't like free stuff and that lady in the picture, she sure looks like she could use some too, imagine the look on her face she'd have then!!!!!!!Talking of glitter, I sometimes have some all over my face, the upside?...At least I get noticed...gotta try that German glitter so don't be shy...send me that free stuff!!!!Thanks, I'll be patiently waiting for its arrival, yuppie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise Trottier

Lesley Matthewson

What a georgeous giveaway. Thanks for the chance to enter

Dara DiMagno

I LOVE using German Glass Glitter but when I do the glitter seems to migrate everywhere in my house. Recently after I used some on a ornament project I came home from work with the sun shinning on what appeared as tiny fairy footprints in my living room. After a second look I realized it was tiny trails of shiney glass glitter. Now I will always smile when seeing the glitter in surprising places!!!


Thanks for a chance to win your yummy blog candy!
sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
public slidebar on
Hugs, rosa
blog creative:

Dawn Bennett

I LOVE glitter and bling. It gets everywhere, the floor, the desk, on me, on my dogs, and even the bird had a few flakes on her the last time I used it. I love to use glitter and bling on most of my cards. It would be great to win some different kind so I can see what it's like... Thanks for the chance to win....


oohh...your glitters will make my cards become the head-turnings

Unni Svendsbø

Please send some Glitter to Norway, we need it in theese cold November days! :-)


What gourgeous colours. We girls all love sparkles. This is a great prize. Fingers crossed.

Mary Lou

Goodness this is SWEET!! Beautiful giveaway!!
Thanks so much --off to reblog about:)


I bet one could create awesome, sparkly tree ornaments with glass glitter - hope I win, would love to give it a try!!


everything's better with glitter! thx for the chance to win some

Sheena Fawcett

Well I don't think you are going to be at the party on your own - there are going to be thousands and thousands of partygoers because of your generosity!!!

Thank you for a wonderful invitation.

Sheena xx

Sharyn Davis

LOVE glitter and bling...can't wait to try it out!

sheena Fitzpatrick

Loving the look of this glitter - I have to wait for a few pennies before I can buy any though, so it would make my day if I won a set!
Sheena xx


oooh these look AMAZING, I just love sparkle xx


This glitter looks magical, and I think it would be the perfect finish to all my projects. I would just love to win this.


Mmmmmmmm... your candy looks delish!! I'd love to own a little of your glitter!! Thanks for the chance! :)


This glitter looks so nice, I would love to win some.


Oooh, I would love to try some glass glitter, and no one in my area carries it!

Enter me, please! :)


I would love to win some glitter!
I love your glitter and it would be lovely to have a few more colours..... a girl can't ever have enough glitter :)
Lora x

Jan Mattinson

I want free stuff lol Thats the joke over so now to say Thank You for giving us the chance to try this wonderful product - keeping my fingers crossed I am the lucky one x

Mary Mac

Your product comes highly recommended by Bev Rochester of bevscrafts.blogspot. She only uses the best so I'd love to win the fab GGG - I love a touch of bling on cards.


Like this give-away! Thanks for the chance to win!

I've put a pic on my sidebar!

Love Lindha

tracy nuskey dodson

did someone say FREE GLITTER????
sign me up:)

Audrey Is

Thank you for this opportunity to win such a beautiful glitter set.

Lorraine Collett

What a fantastic giveaway. I'd love to win them.


ooohhh - lovely glitter! Can anyone have too much of it *lol*

Thank you for the chance!


Wow glass glitter. Great fabulous everyone must try. Can someone please tell me what it is? I love to try it. xxx


is it internetional?need it for my creations!!!

Frida Khalo

What a great candy!
Thank you for the opportunity ^_^
Kisses from Italy !
On fb:


I would sooooo love this, along with everyone else!


Give me Give me Give meeeeeee. I love glitter - a girl can never have too much glitter or chocolate but glitter looks better on my cards.


Erin Miller

I have just learned about German glass glitter and am anxious to try it on my soldered charms. This would be a great chance to try many different colors. Thanks!

Nancy Richardson

Would love to win this glitter, it would come in handy for all my crafts!

Teri Suliks

Whhooo hoooo!! I'll take free stuff!! It looks fabulous and OH, I'd love to win it!!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!!!


We celebrated Thanksgiving today which means that I had no glitter on me (for that my family is thankful). I would love to try this glitter! Thanks for the chance.

Lori Podolsky

From what I hear, this glitter is spectacular! Thank you so much for the chance to win; keeping my fingers crossed! Lori P

Ruby T

I've been using mine for holiday items and winning this would replenish my supply!



I would love to win this - thanks for the opportunity to win!

Maria Fortunato

I would so love to win this. But even if I don't, I will be buying from you after I get another job. I have been unemployed for what seems like an eternity. I can't wait to get a job so that I can buy some of your terrific, high class glitter.

Terry Kempfert

I am so grateful you picked me! (power of positive thinking). Thank you!

Frances R

Beautiful colors, love sparkle on my projects. tks.


Would love to have a play with the gorgeous glitter !!

Julie W

I'd love to win this, I've never tried German Glass Glitter before, but seen it on a few blogs and it looks gorgeous! All those beautiful colours too!
Julie W x


count me in please, fun party and i love winning.


Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful blog candy! This glitter looks awesome! Love the yummy colors!
Would love to use it on my projects!

Benedetta Cuomo

I LOVE you glitter ^^ I posted your candy on the sidebar of my blog (from Italy!) and hope to be the lucky one:

Bye! ;)


I love love love glitter. Thanks for the opportunity.

Crafting Cathy

That glitter looks awesome. I would like to try it...I like sparkles too. It would be nice to win it before Christmas, so I could make all my cards glitter.


Ich möchte diese Schönheit zu gewinnen. Vielen Dank für die Chance.


Would you please send me some glitter :) Yes, I would really love to have this beautiful set. Could send you some Christmas-cakes in return :)

June Craig

Wow, the glitter looks amazing, thanks for the chance to try it out.

Julie Papageorge

Sparkle Sparkle!
Shine Shine!
I hope the most gorgeous glitter in the world
Will be mine......
All mine!!!!


Glitter makes everything so much better! I would love to win this! Thanks for making the world sparkle!


Ooooooo just heard about this glitter last week and was looking
where I could get some !
What a great chance to try some

Diane McJannet

what a awesome blog andy!!! thanx so much for the opp to win!

Dawn Lancaster

Oh I so love the sparkly stuff !! Be it wine glitter frost snow.....
Thank you soo much for the chance of winning this amazing glitter!!! I'm off to post it on my side bar to share!!!
Dawn xxx


Ok, I'll tweet and promo you on my shop facebook page. Hope you get lots of new customers!!

Debbie in LA

Wow! I have heard about German glass glitter, but I have never seen it personally. Hope I get the chance through your give-away.

Janet P>

Wow! What a wonderful give away.I'd love to try the German glass glitter.

Lori A

One two three...glitter and meeeeee! I'd love to give this a home!!!
Love and hugs ~

Bethany C.

Pick me! Pick me! Pretty please.


I would really like to win this bottles!!! I have never try them and would like to :)
Thanks for your generosity!


OOOh I've not seen this glitter in the UK but it sounds amazing after browsing your website. Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs Katy. xxx


Never mind the glitter - I'd be happy with the empty bottles!


I'm not sure I can think of anything clever or funny to say, but I absolutely love free stuff! So pretty! I blogged about you!

Joyce Bodo

I am out here. Way out here. I would love to win some glitter. I may be way out here but I am not too far out to win free glitter. I guess that is a matter of opinion as to how far out I realy am.


that would be great to win!! love that red!

Sylvia Smiser

What a wonderful and generous giveaway you have! Please enter my name in the hat. I would love to win this beautiful, sparkly, simply fabulous glitter set!!!


What lovely glitter and in such pretty bottles. I think I will have to sulk in the corner if they don't come home to my craft room.


oh wow, these are just beautiful, keeping fingers crossed santa comes early xxx


Very generous!!! I LOVE sparkles and wound be happy to be the lucky "sparkle" WINNER!!

Ruby T

I am very deserving of the



Carrie Zee

Of course we want to make you happy! We all know that what-if-I-throw-a-party-and-no-one-comes feeling but it sure isn't going to happen with you! Thanks for offering this beautiful set!!


Hi would love to win that thanks will spread the word

Dave Daniels

I actually loved this so much I ordered one this morning.


OMG just found you! I am a complete glitter whore! I tweeted (I’m queenohearts ) and liked on fb So happy to have found you. :D


My 5 year old daughter said the Lady wears really nice glasses, lol. And the bottles are so cute, can we buy some...she loves the violet, but there's no pink.. I'll give her the violet one so she could be glittery princess...if we win...


My 5 year old daughter said the Lady wears really nice glasses, lol. And the bottles are so cute, can we buy some...she loves the violet, but there's no pink.. I'll give her the violet one so she could be glittery princess...if we win...

GrannyKat (Kathryn)

WOWIEEE, how generous! Just found your store while looking for ideas & materials to make Christmas decorations for the dollhouse I'm giving to my granddaughter... This glitter will really make everything SPARKLE!


Let me tell you about the Glitter I got from Meyer Imports. It was bright, shiny, had to put my sunglasses on to use it. My things are so sparkly even the sun turns away when I start to use it. So... send it my way, I will put it to good use. (Makes my hair and clothes sparkle too.) WOW.


All I can say is "SHINE ON". I will use it on Dasher, and Prancer and Comet and Blitzen, Cupid, Oh Meyer, my friends with the "Glitzen". I love it on all things both Merry and Jolly. Why I would even use it on things like holly...... Come on folks send it on. I am waiting and waiting, don't let it be gone. ly, cz


oh drool! Glitter me up baby! I wanna win!


What could be better than free glitter?! Maybe free glitter made from cake...... can that happen!?!?

Amanda McMillen

Wow this is great! I would love a chance to win free stuff and I will be re blogging this!

Julie K.

Glitter me up, baby!! Sparkle and shine, if I don't win I might whine! ;P


What beautiful glitter! Thank you for the chance to win!

Dorothy Walker

A girl can never have too much glitter, big bottles, little bottles, and everything in-between! Thank you for hosting this give-away, we appreciate YOU as much as you do your readers!

Susan Ikin

If I won this I could be generous and give it to a friend, but I'm selfish - I want this for myself. I guess I could share..........


Never tried the German Glass Glitter, but it looks fabulous!

Rebecca Ednie

You're not kidding about those being the best colours. I hope I win but if not, I'll be back to buy some.


Gorgeous! Win or not, I need to get my hands on some of this very soon! Thanks for the chance.

Jessica Dougherty

Yay! I love giveaways, too! Thank you for the chance to enter.

Jessica D.

Donna Bakke

I love glass glitter! I've used it in the past to make some really snazzy champagne glasses. Thanks for chance to win!


I just love these glass glitter! so pretty!
thanks for the chance!

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