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January 01, 2011


happy zombie

Mad love for your THE MEGA MINI CRAFTER's KIT - especially the gnomes!

jenny holiday

Ohhhhh my word!! This is soooome kit!! Everything but the kitchen sink!! :)

Please toss my name into your glittery hat!!!

Fun fun!!

Happy New Year!!!
xoxo Jenny Holiday

Fern Rouleau

The giveaway sounds really neat. Lots of varied stuff -would be great in a farmhouse scene.


Super-dooper in L-O-V-E with this kit!! ♥♥


T Campbell

That kit is awesome!


Oh, this kit is just fantastic!!!! So many inspiring little pieces! I love it all!

Meri Wiley

I am now in the process of creating shadowboxes for spring/easter, and these animals/figurines would be perfect for the smaller ones. I could really use these, and it would be great to win. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


laurie magpie ethel

What magic I could work with that craft kit! Crossing my fingers....


Gimme, gimme, gimme. I'd love to win this cute set.

Kay Hales

This would be sooo much fun to win. Pretty Please!....with glitter on top?!!! :-)

Vera Brasher

What a great kit! Would love to win it.

Olivia Paige

tara wilson

Great kit. I have my fingers crossed.

Holly Kerr

Looking forward to a SPARKLICIOUS 2011!

Wendy Overdorf

Give me Glitter or give me death!
Love, love, love the box! Pick me!

Julia S

Love this kit and the possibilities are endless for how I could use this!! Happy New Year!

Kathy R.

I really, really "need" this to make my 1 of a kind pieces for my house!!! They are so cute!!!

Alicia Hanson

I love this. It is a must have.

Sharon Stevens

OMG this is the best giveaway I've seen!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!
Mustard Seed Originals

kathy cano-murillo

love, love, love!!!

Jessie Turner

What a great assortment! Everything I have gotten from you has been used and used up :) I need more! Love this chance to get a free prize. Happy 2011, I am 62 today and hoping for some Social Security money to pay for my crafting love, hahaha.

Tamara Tolkin

That defines contagious creativity!

Anne Morrissey

Think of the potential -- farmland jewelry!!


That is AWESOME!! You could make some amazing terrariums with those.


OH MY, I would LOVE to win this set! So many crafting possibilities! Please enter me!
[email protected]

Dawn E. Nguyen

This Mega-Crafters set is wonderful! I love that the little figures are from Germany and Italy and are real vintage.
Happy New Year Meyer Imports!


Love Embellished

My friend taught me how to make "Magic Walnuts" this year!
You crack and empty a walnut replace the nut meat with little trinkets (like those in this cool kit!) and glue the nut back up. You then put the nuts in a bowl of nuts and watch your little ones expression when you crack open a nut that has a toy inside!

Of course every nut will then have to be cracked open!!!! ha ha!
And you make sure to supervise of course!
So I think this kit will be on my birthday wish list! I can't wait to get crackin!


What a fun giveaway...and what fun crafting possibilities with this set!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Susan Lauer

Winning this may cause side effects, such as excessive giddiness, hysteria, jumping up and down and frequent urges to purchase more and more minis and crafting items from you.

But, I'll take the risk.

claudia twardus

I would love to win! Claudia
[email protected]

Dawn Binyon

What a great giveaway, I am quite sure I could find many uses for all these adorable items. Please toss my hat in the ring! Happy New Year to you!

Ellen Kennedy

How you'll decide I just don't know,
but I'll be thrilled if I win this
show--please pick me cause I love you so. Happy New Year and God bless and prosper Myer-Imports!


ooooohhhhh, i think i need this!


Could it be that one of my new year's wishes might come true? 180 vintage miniatures, and mushrooms too? wow.
I didn't realize there were other folks out there that got into these things like I do- now I know where to find them...
Best of luck in 2011!

Jennifer Cuthbertson

What a wonderful giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win and Happy New Year!!

Deborah Mahoney

This is too perfect, I just discussed making snow globes with my 10 year old granddaughter, the next time we get together. We always do projects together, we were just at a store a few days ago and she was looking for jars that would work. This is just a wonderful giveaway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks

Carina Karlsson

Ach du Lieber...gotta get those gnomes!


aw, what sweet stuff!

happiest new year ~


Teri Calia

Little things are so cute! I really have to have some!

Roxy Davis

I drive a Mini and love everything mini--especially these tiny adorable pieces perfect for valentine's day and Easter. I couldn't live happily without Meyer Imports and my tons of glittery happiness. Tinkerbell lives! Happy New Year, Rox at Running Rabbit Studio.


Sooo fun and cute!

Sarah Pendergrast

Ooooooh!!! What a fun iveaway - I have so many ideas for all that cuteness. I'd love to win!!

Cristina-Sweet Pea Ink

Wow! This is just about the cutest bunch of goodness I have ever seen. What a sweet way to start out the new year! xoxo


Endless potential for crafting adventures! Just seeing this array of critters brings to mind many ideas. The kit itself has given me some great thoughts for gifts for friends.

And 10 Gnomes~~~how perfect that these are included as well!!!

Deb H

I can see I need to stop more often!

shawn street

What a great grouping of craft goodies. These will make someone very happy!

Ann Lemerise

Your catalog is a crafters dream. It is the dream of the kid in me - I love it. I want to play with every little thing! Thank you.

Becky Hawley

Makes me want to sing:
Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you?

Kathryn T

Wonderful Kit...Happy New Year!


Wow! I hope to see you again this year at Giltterfest.

Stacey Lopez

When I was a young, I never had pets. If I could have this assortment of animals, it would help with the tears I cry daily for what could have been. These wee animals, possibly from Germany where my dear Grandma Kobe Bach (God Bless her soul, she's no longer with us) was born..ahh... I miss her so...somehow, if I was chosen for this exquisite assortment of childhood wish-fors...oh, to think that my dear Grams who taught me to make things and be creative, would be coming to my home in some small way....yes, my eyes would beam with joy...this would bring happiness to would get good karma for bringing it to be...Choose me and good fortune would surely come your way!

LOL! Happy New Year!


What a fabulous kit! I'm a Girl Scout Leader and the girls will drool over these -- it's a great opportubity for thier imagination to take over. I may have to stash a few away for me! -Lisa


Great products and a great contest like everything else from you.

Tricia Dau

What a wicked cute kit!! It has a little bit of everything. Wow, the things I could create!!

Patricia Merritt

Oh, I need more little, teeny, tiny things for my husband to "trip" over. These are too cute for words. Just like the little deer in the giveaway.
Love,love,love it.

Ranjini Malhotra

I would love to win these! Please count me in!!

Terri B in Oregon

I can use these everywhere! Please pick me!

Suzanne E. C.

What an awesome set! My imagination is in overdrive thinking of what I could make! Thank you for a chance to win this! Wishing everyone all the best in 2011.

Carrie Gonzalez

Wonderful kit! Such fun!



WHOA! This is truly a MEGA kit! I'd love to be considered for this giveaway - sign me up, please! :D

Mel Kolstad


WOW! what a sweet giveaway.
I m excited about it.
Hope to win!!!

Susan Clifford

I like Rooster Heads,

Dis-embodied Rooster Heads,

Floating in my soup!


I like Rooster Heads,

Dis-embodied Rooster Heads,

Floating in my soup!


Ok, I'm here and yes, I have been peeking now and then and this time you caught me! So I will leave you with this note and maybe I will win - I can only hope!

Bev Leeson

WOW. What an Awesome Giveaway this is and 180 pieces. My mind goes into Overdrive just looking at this little Beauty. Thankyou for such a Generous Offer and a Happy New Year to all.
Kind Regards,

Kat Gomez

so cool thanks for the chance to win.. I will look forward to using all those lil cuties if im lucky!! Kat


Wow!!! Soooo cute!!!


Awesome, fingers crossed! Love your small cotton spun mushrooms!

Wiltsie Bridge Country Store

alyssa Zygmunt

Oh how could I resist. I would so love to win this set!
Happy New Year!!!

Lisa M

How cute, I remember my grandmother have a little set like this in her cabinet. I would love to win this

Chukka Sachs

Brings back childhood memories. All the odd german stuff that we had, because our Grandmother was german, and we had no idea what it was and what it meant. And now, I look at those deer and rabbits and trees and birds and rich, lost worlds unroll in my soul.


so crazy about everything in your shop! sure could make some fun stuff with this kit!

OB 1 G'Nome

This is so cool! Need this - especially my brothers, the G'nomies! Thanks for the giveaway.


That is a wunderbar goodie giveaway! I would love to win this kit!


I don't think I can wait for a give-away, lol - I might have to order this! I never did the get little glittery scene done for my mum this Christmas, but I want to get one done for next year. Several, actually!

Hope G

Gosh, what a great giveaway! These tiny little goodies are right up my alley.


Sallie M. Hunter

Crafty kit made to fit...any crafter's delight!

Melissa Bove

Wow! What an amazing kit! Any crafter would be lucky to own it!!

Happy New Year!!

Becky Drees

Creating in my mind with these until I win....

denise hahn

would love to have those sweet tinys!

Craig Frank

WoW! Fantastic it really brings back Memories! I would love to win this! PS Excellent web-site!, Craig

Mary Koepfle

I sell your WONDERFUL glitter in my store and have fun showing customers how to use it. They get so excited that they can make something too. A blessing in todays fast paced, mass produced world. So if I win the fun kit I will have fun showing them projects
with the miniatures. Sign me up!


What a lovely kit... you know I love your glitter and use it in a lot of my classes!


Wonderful weeness! So many little figures for big ideas-thanks for the chance!!


How cute and tiny...just like me!

Mitzi Curi

I'm dreaming of the wonderful things I could make with those little bits & bobs!

Rebecca Collins

Nothing better than pink piggies and pick babies. Hope I win!


Wow -- what a fun giveaway! Happy New Year!


My daughter would go crazy over these! Thanks!


Yay, miniatures!


What a cool set of mini figs! Would love to win it for my diorama projects :0)


I would love, love, love to win this set.


I would love to win this!

Julie Papageorge

Oh the mayhem I could create with this kit. Please, please, please, let it be mine!!!

Bonnie Hanson

A box of FUN for sure~!!

Annie Braun

How have I lived for all these years without this?! LOVE LOVE!

Caroline Sherman

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this set! I just got into making mini creations and this would be perfect. Oh please let me be the winner!!! ;)

Carol Van Gerve

Each and every piece has personality. Gives me wonderful inspiration with a joy to create.

amada lebel

I love it! Anything with this many little mini pieces is so much fun. How generous of you to do the giveaway. I hope I win!!!!!!
Hugs, Amada


Love your glitter, now I have even more reasons to love your website! You are good people for sharing such fun stuff with the rest of us! Craft on!

Michele Kaplan

Yeah, send me free stuff! This is great. Here is my email just in case! [email protected]

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