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January 01, 2011


Susan Leach

I really, really need these! Please pick me!!!

Thanks for the chance to win these great miniatures never seen tham before.Had a Snow globe as a child a cheap & cheerful one but loved all the same.
If I win will try to make some for the family

Kerry Leslie

Looks good!! Count me in please!

Anandamayi Arnold

The tiny frogs are the best ever!

Hilda Sue

I've just discovered this site with so many cool things!!!

I, too, love the gnomes, trees, deer and horses, especially!


Because of you, I glitter EVERYTHING! I go to my local thrift store and transform stuff into really cool home decor. Then my friends want to know where to get them. I HAVE to tell them that it's just your glitter on old stuff. They love it. I buy in bulk and wish I had more!! Can hardly wait to start my spring lineup. Thanks again and oh ya, send me free stuff!!!!

Tonja Jensen

Oh My Goodness!!! I love the fact that you brought this back! Everyone knows that give-aways are soooo much fun! Thanks John! I hope I win, but I am happy for whoever wins! Danka!

Susan Walls

Love mini's! Count me in!


Oh pick me! Just what I need for my crafting...


Just ordering my first glitter! Go ahead, and send this to me for free too!


i was so excited to find you...i came looking for the german glass glitter and will stay to look at all the other pretties as well! :)


Hooray! Thanks for the giveaway!


Would love to win this... am loving those gnomes :)

Thanks for having such a fun giveaway! ~ Lori

Joan Straight

OH MY GOD! I love CRAFT CRAP!!!!! Just found your web site today and am so sad that I didn't know you existed but so very GLAD I do now! You folks have the greatest stuff ever.

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