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December 03, 2010


Marina J

Wow, that's a lot of entries... Congrats to you and to HazeyJ!

Hugs, Marina

btw we have a lots of snow here, do you want some?


I just have to say a huge thank-you to John and everyone at Meyer Imports, I feel so lucky and honoured to have been chosen to recieve such a fab gift.
Hazel x

Julia D.

Congrats to Hazel! And I'm glad there were so many entries for you. I know how scary it is to offer a prize and wonder if anyone is going to care enough to enter - like throwing a party that no one comes to!


Congrats to Hazel! I'm glad that you got so many entries, now you know that you aren't typing in a vacuum!

Kim Dellow

You bought a smile to my face reading your post! Yep sometimes blogging can seem a little like typing in a vacuum. But be assured we are here - reading :) So glad the give away was a success and well done Hazel! Have fun! Kim

Lynn Stevens

Congrats to Hazel, and I hope everyone has a Wonderful Holiday season!


You get the best pictures for your posts! Congratulations Hazel!

Dawn Lancaster

*Smiling* Congrats to you!!!
Dawn xxx


congratulazioni alla vincitrice e a te, che bel musetto il cagnone davvero buffo ciao


Congratulations Hazel... just remember where you saw the post to come on this site *Hint Hint*... Glad she's my blogging buddie.

Thanks for the chance to win and that Hazel made you happy too! She makes me happy too with her quirky emails and comments on my blog too :)

Kimmi xx

Lori A

Yay for you, Hazel!!! Enjoy : )
Love and hugs ~ Lori

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