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January 24, 2011


Dawn Sparks

Love the write ups that you do! They always make me smile, this one actually made me laugh. Love the items.. would love to win!


Yay! Sounds like super fun, lol. Would love to get a heap o' stuff!


Jennifer Rose

Would love to win the KraftKrap mountain! Thanks for the chance!

Jennifer Scull

oooooh, good golly gosh! how exciting is this!!!! makes for a super dee duper big Super Bowl weekend! :)

Sam Healey

Well I've never had the opportunity to win a mountain of krap before even though I'm usually up to my neck in it - so I would love the chance to win!!
Sam xxx


wow and one!! thanks for sharing :-) i posted it on my sidebar.


Alright!! Sounds like a good deal to me!! Thanks for a chance to win some mega good stuff! :)

Kelly Sas

I would LOVE to win a big box of Meyer Imports Craft Crap Treasures!!! One (wo)mans crap is another(wo)mans treasure. I am a Packer fan (live 20 miles away from Green Bay, WI) so when the Packers win Super Bowl XLV it would be my dream to win this!!!


I would love this krap! I'm going to tell my friends now! thanks for the chance...fingers crossed!

Deborah Mahoney

Sounds like fun, like shopping at a flea market and snagging a great big box lot of stuff and when you get home you find so many treasures as you squirrel through the box...lots of creative crafts come out of boxes like that...keeping my fingers crossed, now there are two reasons to look forward to superbowl weekend!


Omgsh, this sounds like oodles of fun! Really hope I win! :D


This would be a fun addition to the craft room for me & my tween girls if it involves glitter. Woud be fun no matter what it involves.


Nothing is finer than a big box of KraftKrap. Everyone in the neighborhood will want to come and craft with me.


With the amazing products you sell, I know the pile will be amazing. You'll have to take a photo of it before you send it to the winner. Or I'll die of curiosity if I don't win.


Your posts are way to entertaining and get me excited and anxious each time I visit this blog!!

Thanks for a chance to win!!

Renee  Wilkey

Am really enjoying your blog! Thanks again for the opportunity to win!

Victoria Sturdevant

Looks great to me!! I love krap!

iamvictorias at gmail dot com


Hazah to the Craft Crap!! Looks like it should be a fun mix-o-stuff!! Can't wait to see what the winner makes with some of it!



Wow, sounds like a lot of items. Thanks for doing the giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Caryn N

This sounds super. I love getting grab bags, or boxes in this case. What a delight this one would be to receive!


OooohHH!! I LOVE surprises!! This is so much fun...can't wait to see what's in the box...hope it comes to my house, lol.
I'm off to link you to my sidebar.


That looks fun!!


How cool is this!!!!!

vndlewis at rocketmail dot com

Kim Dellow

Tee Hee, Your blog posts always bring a great smile to my face! Count me in for the 'Small Mountain of KraftKrap!'
I've spread the news on my blog
Good luck everyone!


Wow, Small Mountain of KraftKrap sounds great, would love to win it *keeping my fingers so crossed that it's difficult to type* ;) I'll link you to my sidebar, hope you get lots of comments!


OK, sounds intriguing, so count me in. Thanks. Mmmmm. So, lots of crafty goodies, eh?

Lesley D

OH boy, I have never used any of your products, don't ask me why? I am not really sure. Perhaps distance. I found out about this from Kim Dellow's blog and I am going to post a post on my blog so please consider me more than once. LOL
Thanks for a chance, even if it is a small one.


This looks like more than I can handle but I am willing to try. Pick me, pick me! Thanks


Wow sounds fun and exciting thanks for the chance to win.


This sounds like fun. Hope I'm the lucky one!

Yvonne Russell

What a fun giveaway... gave me a smile to read your FAQ's. To borrow from an old saying "One crafter's trash is another crafter's treasure."

Thanks for sharing your crafty treasures with us and for your quirky, fun blog posts.


Please enter me! I would love a get a huge big box in the mail!



wow! sounds marvellous i would love to have this box of treasures !!
Choose Me!

Kathy Kristinnson

wow..looks like fun.. would love to have a box of treasures too..


sounds like fun! Please enter me in your giveaway. thank you!


neat idea, someone os going to be a very happy blogger:)
Anne x


sarebbe bello scoprire i vostri prodotti spero in un pò di fortuna ciao rosa.kreattiva

Renee  Wilkey

You always make me smile! Seems I spend more time reading here than writing on my own blog. LOL Thanks for the great giveaways.


Oh my thanks so much for the chance! Miniature goodness always makes me smile.


Two things I love - mail and free stuff!


Any of your junk would be a treasure to me.


Cute post! I'd love a chance too!


wow! amazing giveaway!...i hope it's open internationally though because I'm here in Thailand..:)

Jenna Z

Wow, add my name to the hat! I'd love a heap of crafty goodness!!


Great idea to make Super Bowl weekend even better! Love your stuff. I am crazy for all things from Germany! :)

Beth Walker

Please enter me in this drawing! I admit it, I'd rather win this than win the SuperBowl...!


OH, dear me! This is so amazingly fabulous! I can assure you that should I win jumping up and down and screaming will surely ensue! :-)

carole stepanek



would so love to win this one!!!


Sounds awesome....I love reading your descriptions! Hope I win!

Lynn Totten

I bought a large box full before Christmas last year, but I can make room for more, if I should win. Fingers and toes crossed. (Ouch!)

Tracy D

Please pick me!!! :)


How fun! And you always give such neat stuff away--plus, I love your blogs! You're so fun!


Wow, what cool items! I'd love to win this treasure chest!

Susie Scott

Would love to win. My mind is swirling, already planning all the fun things I could create with this box of goodies!! Wish me luck!


would love it if THE PACKERS and I win :) hee hee


I just fouund your blog! I am amazed at the generosity out here in the blogisphere :)


Just doing my part to help make the treasure just a little bit bigger! Thanks Meyer Imports!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups

Well, throw my name in the giveaway hat too, please!!!



Sue Smith

What a fantastic give-away!!!! Thanks for being so generous :)


How fun! Love you product and your blog. Happy February from the blizzard-frozen Midwest!

paige thomas king

throw on some more stuff! i'm leaving my comment and going to post it on facebook!


Sounds like a fun and interesting prize! Thanks for having a sense of humor with this contest!


ooo sounds wonderful! Pick me! Pick me! :)

Frances Manzitto

My pile of Krap could get even bigger if I won your Krap to add to it!


Sounds great...a package of surprises!

Amy Thompson

I could have so much fun! Creative Explosion! The fanciest, smansiest, bestest ever! I am posted again on FB. Thank you!


This sounds brilliant :)


well my Eagles didn't make it but I can always use more crap to add to my pile if you're willing to add I'd love it love your stuff

Ann M.

Oh my palms are sweating. So much cool stuff. Hours of fun. Days of fun. Oh Please enter me and pick me .... pick me...

Lorri Lennox

OMG I would love to rummage through your Kraft Krap! LOL
I have a stack of it myself, but someone else's is always SO much more fun!
I'm sharing on FB too!
Please put my name into your draw and I cross my fingers and toes & anything else I can that I am your lucky winner. I could do with some luck coming my way :)

Patricia A Paola

It looks like there are some goodies that I bought in the 70's & early 80's at independent craft shops. A lot of fun is in-store for the winner. Pat

Christina Jackson

unbelieveable!!! :)) thank you so much for hosting this fantastic giveaway!
happy day!!

Gini Cagle

Looks like a treasure hunt waiting to happen!


Lorri Lennox

Oh please enter me in your draw for the pile!
Thanks for such a generous giveaway too, i hope I'm lucky :)

Leslie Sirag

How could anyone resist either this mountain of miscellaneous goodies or your writeup? I'd love to win it!


What a fun giveaway...thanks for the chance to win!!!


I'm so excited! You have awesome stuff and a box of odds and ends is like hitting the lottery!

Heather Rivera

Looks like oodles and hours of fun for more than one!!! Love all these goodies and then some ~ Have A Wonderful Day

Chukka Sachs

This looks like a never ending pile of fun. And I'm still not recovered from the great German vintage lot I ordered a couple of weeks ago.
Truly, the stuff you stock is amazing. When I was growing up, my grandmother lived in Austria, and then in Germany, so some of this stuff touches my heart in a very special way. It's like we have secretly linked dna. I can't say what I love the most, the plastic chicks? the ducks with hats? the deer? the half trees? mushrooms? gnomes?
Whoever gets this is going ot have a lot of fun.
(by the way, if it's too much for one person to use, local elementary schools, nursing homes and rehab hospitals may be able to use some of the rest.)


Sounds like fun. Count me in please. Thank you for the chance to win!

cathy keyani

All of our fingers, toes, and tails are crossed! We'd do some really fun stuff with all those amazing little goodies!!!

Kerry Leslie

Sounds like great fun! Count me in please!

ruby t

Wowee, a ton of "kraftkrap" in your word..."hours of fun" to me


I would certainly share items with others on this one if I need to be greedy.


Mushrooms,Glitter and Gnomes..oh my!
Love it..Happy February :)


The saying is, "one man's junk, is another man's treasure". I'll take odds and ends off your hands. I'm sure there are real treasures in the huge pile.

Julie Ethier

Woweee. Sign me up and pick me, pick me! How perfect, a new pile of KraftKrap to go in my new Kraproom I'm remodeling. I would love to share with my Artful Whimsy art group. Too fun! :)

Ford Rogers

Love your sales! They make it feel like I've won already!

Jany Schindler

Oh count me in. I could make some wonderful creations with all that stuff. I will post about the giveaway on my blog.

R'chelle Christiansen

wow how exciting!! please throw my name in the hat!

Beverley Leeson

Love your Blog and LOVE your Giveaways. I would LOVE a chance to win so have put it on my Blog on my Facebook Page on my Twitter and have also notified all my Crafty Friends. If Only I could be so lucky. Fingers and Toes crossed. And a prayer for just a hint of German Glass Glitter hiding somewhere. Many Thanks,
Kind Regards,
Bev. L.........

Caroline Sherman

I love the adorable pup in your post, but would love a mountain of your KraftKrap more! ; )


Hellloooo amazing blog you have yourself here. Thank you for the chance to win this great prize.

My hands are shanking to think I have even the slighest chance of winning a box of tresures


Rebecca Bagot Allen

Too Much Fun!!!
Who doesn't like to win cool stuff?
Thanks for the chance!


I want to win a bunch of craft crap!




oh the things I could create....


Wow! If it's craft junk, it's already a tresures. My fingers crossed so bad, i can't even made a comment. LOL. That is very nice of you. Thank you.
Hugs Nataliya


I am so Excited about this give away..Pick Me Pick Me..Pretty Please!

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