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January 08, 2011



Hi! Thank you for the chance to win!


This glitter is beautiful, it looks like crushed diamonds, Gorgeous!!!


How yummy, thanks so much for the chance.


Wow Thanks for a chance to win. Looks lovely!


You are right..this glitter deserves a chance!! It looks great and interesting.

This is so cool! I reposted the giveaway on my blog, I will definitely be emailing you. :)

Karen Wilson

Oh wow this looks like a TON of fun! What great colors too!


wow!i would like to try...i'm going to sharing on my blog!!!

Kelly Sas

I have decided to become more educated on the different kinds of glitters,their appropriate use and best ways to adhere the different types. That is how I found my way to this blog. Thanks for some good education and also a chance to win from what I hear is a great source for lots of quality glitters!

Sandra P

This is the first I have heard of German Glass Glitter! Sounds and looks SO fun!

Joan Shanks

I posted about youre give away on my blog.My blog address is


Thanks so much.. I posted it on my personal blog also my free site.. with over 1600 followers.. Thanks for the chance to win.. HUGS

Corbett Creations

Wow these look super cute, what a great giveaway


Ooooh --- me me me! I would love to play with some new sparkly stuff!!!


I love glass glitter and these look great! Thanks for the chance to win


Would LOVE to try this glitter! It looks like they are great colors!


this stuff looks like so much fun! I'm posting it on my blog now

Theresa Gerber

Hi, Alison from free digi's showed me here and boy am i glad, i love these crystals, would really love to try it out on my cards !!
I will be posting this on my blog, hope you get lotsa
Thanks for the chance!! lotsa luv Theresa


I would love to play with this glitter! Thank you for a chance to win some. By the way, Alison sent me here.

Felicia H.

It looks like something I would enjoy using on my handmade cards.

LeeAnn Snare

I would like to give the glitter a try. I am always looking for new things to try. Thank you for the chance to win.

kimberly brown

Would love to try it. Looks awesome on your mushrooms...Thanks for sharing and giving us a chance to win.


I just love glitter. This would be so much fun to win.

Peggy Dollar

I have never used glass glitter so this would give me a great opportunity to play! Thank you for offering this chance to win a new way to be creative!


Neat looking glitter. I like bling on the cards I see.

Sonia **Sony**

Looks Wonderful!!.
Thanks for the chance to Win, I have posted this on my blog. I didn't found your email.
My email:
My blog:
Good Luck!!

Christi Hicks

What gorgeous glitter. Allison sent me over here and boy am I glad she did!

Michelle B

This glitter looks fantastic, I think I could have some fun with this

Caroline B

Wow too cute.
Just found your blog & I love it.
Posted about the give away on my blog. :)

Linda Peoples

I would love to try these crystal glitters...Hopefully I'll be the one to win! :-)


Those glitters look wonderful, I'd love a chance to play with them!

Leah Ann Gast

I love glitter. If you check out my blog you will see how much I love it! I would love this candy! yummy!


THank you so much for the chance!!!

These Crystal Glitters look amazing.

Sherri Thompson

I love adding a little sparkle to my cards! I have never tried this type of glitter before. Thanks for a great chance to win some! BTW, Alison from Free Digital Stamps sent me over here. :)


Ooooh I would love to give Glass glitter a go and see what I can come up with


wow certainly looks different.Would love to have a sample!! Thanks for a chance at it

Ruth Ward

Some of the most fabulous things I have created, I have done with glitter. It would be great to have more to create with


Definitely looks good!
Alison from told me about this and of course I came to have a look.

I hope you don't mind, I'm promoting this on my blog as well.

Jenn Borjeson

Cool - looks like fun stuff! :)

Jenn Borjeson

P.S. Alison from Free Digital Stamps sent me. ;)


I haven't ever tried glass glitter. Sounds like a lot of fun though. I love to play with glitter. Thanks for the chance to win.


What better person to have CRYSTAL(my real name) glitter than me.....

Love it!!


Charlene White

Would love to try this..

Ellie Luzynski

I love using glitter on my cards. Thanks for this great give away!


Oh my that sounds like fun to play with.


I hope it's not too late to enter for this. This would be something new for me to play with!


Wow pretty are those glitters....thanks for the chanced to win



I always love glitter! I will post a link to your blog in mine as well!

Jennifer Scull

oh my golly gosh, glitter! grins!!!
but really, this looks stunning. I am racing off to post this on my blog now.....

and btw - I was directed here by Allison at free digital stamps!

Ginger "Games"

Looks yummy! BTW Alison sent me.


Would love to have these to play with!!


how exciting. I would love to try this glitter. I love, love, love sparkle. I have added to my blog.

W. Rohlfing

What an awesome giveaway! Please enter me!


Alison sent me over here and I am in love! This glitter looks awesome!!!!

Karen B

Wow, this looks totally amazing and I'd love to try some out. Got the link from Alison at


What a fun give-away. I would love a chance to win and get to play with this glitter.


You can never have enough GLITTER!


hi come from alison,s have posted on my blog, would love to try some of this!!! PLEASE!!!! xxxx

Chelle K

Alison from free digital stamps sent me over. I have reposted on my blog.

stef h

wow! these are gorgeous. would love some of these. they don't call me glitterbabe for nothing - lol!


Gorgeous colors! Thank you for offering the blog candy!

Sally Tyrer

The colours of these glitters are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Sally xx

Cheri Kinder

I have never tried your glitter. It looks like it is very high quality and very vibrant colors! Thanks for the opportunity to win some free!!


These look so pretty, please enter me in the drawing, thanks!


What a great giveaway. I recently bought the assortment package of glitter which is beautiful. I need to get more and when I do I've added the glitter crystal to my list :)

Susan B

These glitters look fabulous. I would like to get a chance to try them on my cards. Hope I win.


Those glitters look so yummy. Thanks for the chance to win some.


First visit here and Allison said to let you know that she sent me. Would love a chance to win the glitter.


I look forward to trying your glitter.


Wow great giveaway... I would love to use them on my cards...

Kim Taylor-Beldowski

I would love to have some glass glitter for my many many craft projects. Looks great!

Marla Lagoski

These glitters sound amazing. Alison sent me to your site and I am so glad she did. Would love the opportunity to check them out.


I'd love to try these, they look nice!

Alicia Baldwin

I have never tried glitter glass but would surely love to play with your glitter crystals if chosen! Thanks for the opportunity! *Hugs*

Josephine Cox

Hope I am not too late for this chance to try this glitter. Look different would like to try a sample


I would love to see these in person!

-- dalis


Wow this glitter sounds great. I'm a glitter nuts.

April S.

Looks like fun stuff!

Wynn H.

Everything is better with a bit of glitter. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

Sue Kimmet

This looks great, I'd love to try it!

Cheryl First

I'd love to play with some of this! Looks fantastic!

Sandy L

I sure would love to try it! It looks fantabulous!


These glitters look awesome! The colors look gorgeous! Alison sent me over!

Amie new to crafting been doing it less than a year so this would be a great addition to my little craft stash which am building up very slowly! x


It will be a great chance to win ... hope so.

Brinda Paramore(Fishers,IN)

Alison said to say Hello from her. I would love to try out your glass glitter. It look like it would pick light up better and brighter.


Wow, was für ein tolles Pulver. Über einen Gewinn würde ich mich riesig freuen.


Wow!It seems to be a beautiful different glitter!
Thank you for the chance to win.

Diana Adame

How exciting! I would love to work with those glitters. The colors are very vibrant and look asolutely stunning.

juelmarie morgan

count me in - thanks for the opportunity!

Anne Temple

I have come so close to purchasing this glitter glass many times. Thanks so much for a chance to win some so I can see how awesome they are (because they look like they would be great to use in projects).


I would love to try this glitter! Allison sent me!
avrawill@wideopenwest dot com

Jenn Reavis

I can't wait to use this glitter!!!


I love anything that glimmers and shimmers!! Layering them...hmm never thought of that idea!!

jmpresearch @

Barb Betts

The are beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to try them. Blessings ;) Barb


Oooh, these Glitter Crystals look like so much fun for endless crafty projects!




I would loooove to get a freebie!!! but glitter?? eeeeee(squeal of delight) who could resist? I am doing a happy dance just at the thought. Thanks for the opportunity to win.(pick me pick


Thank you for this opportunity. The glitter looks magical.


I'm new with using glitter but i'm excited to try it! Thanks for the chance for the free glitter!


Ooooh, it's gorgeous!!

p.s. Alison sent me!

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